Cocos for Windows 8 not works

Cocos for Windows 8 not works
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Hi, i have a problema, i am newer with cocos, and i try to run my first Windows 8 example.
I installed the template and the example like instructions.

But not Works, compile, but when i start the game, it launch an exception.

I commented the lines that loads the image and label and it Works v(one black metro window), but if i added the lines, it crash one more time.
The label code is:
`//CCLabelTTF* pLabel = CCLabelTTF::labelWithString(“Hello World”, “Arial”, 24);
// ask director the window size

// position the label on the center of the screen
//pLabel->setPosition( ccp(size.width / 2, size.height - 50) );

// add the label as a child to this layer
//this->addChild(pLabel, 1);`

And the image code is:

`// add “HelloWorld” splash screen"
//CCSprite* pSprite = CCSprite::spriteWithFile(“HelloWorld.png”);

// position the sprite on the center of the screen
//pSprite->setPosition( ccp(0, 0));

// add the sprite as a child to this layer
//this->addChild(pSprite, 0);`

If i put the image, the exeption throws here: CCSprite* pSprite = CCSprite::spriteWithFile(“HelloWorld.png”);
, pSprite is null, but if i put the label, throws here: CCDirector::sharedDirector()->mainLoop(); in CCApplication_win8_metro.cpp

I have spent two days trying to make it work and do not get :frowning:
What is happening?

error_img1.png (11.5 KB)

error_img2.png (111.8 KB)

error_label.png (112.0 KB)