Cocos Creator Tutorial Series

Cocos Creator Tutorial Series


Hello all, I run the tutorial site GameFromScratch and have previously done a few different Cocos2d-x tutorials, as well as a few introduction to Cocos Creator videos. I recently launched a new website dedicated entirely to game engine tutorials. The good new is, for the second ever series on the site I decided to focus on Cocos Creator. The series should eventually cover everything you need to know to work with Cocos Creator regardless to your level of ability. Right now it’s already to the point it should be useful getting started guide.

Cocos Creator Tutorial Series homepage

There are tutorials on Collisions and Physics nearing release and a few more planned. Let me know if you want to see something specific covered in the future. Also please let me know any feedback you’ve got. Hopefully this resource will prove useful for people wanted to get started with Cocos Creator.


Cool, I read the animation tutorial and it’s pretty spot on.

I think what you need is some better navigation and a way to organize the steps of the tutorial to look nicer and draw people’s eyes to the key concepts of that step rather than having to read the whole sentence(s).


Thanks for this. Let me help you promote your tutorials.


Awesome, greatly appreciated! Love to see Cocos Creator get more accessible to the masses. I’m hoping some English tutorials can help with exposure in the west to this great engine.

What would you recommend from a navigation perspective? is a new site and each early tutorial is a template for tutorial development. Right now there is a Prev, ToC, Next style navigation at the footer of each tutorial section. This may not have been as obvious as the Animation chapter is the last one, so it wont have a Next button, at least not yet. Or am I misunderstanding your feedback? Oh, and thanks for the feedback by the way, always appreciated!


The video version is now available as well. This hour long video covers all the topics to date in the text series.


After a bit of a delay, a new tutorial in the series.

Collision Detection in Cocos Creator

Series homepage is here.

Queing up another tutorial on Physics, should hopefully be up tomorrow. Will update here when it’s live. This tutorial covers, well, handling collisions between objects in Cocos.


Thanks again for doing this. We appreciate the effort and the support of Cocos Creator.


No worries, thanks for your promotional help, always appreciated.

Oh, and here’s a new tutorial…

Physics in Cocos Creator


A bit delayed, but another tutorial. Tile maps in Cocos Creator.