Cocos Creator Resources

Cocos Creator Resources


This page does not exist… see highlighted text:


The highlighted link goes to the same page the link immediately above it goes toooo…


I will check out the links that you mention and fix them.

You can deploy to a browser and iOS and Android.

You can ask any questions here and if I cannot answer them I will ask the engineering team for assistance.


Is this truly native, or a wrapped HTML/Web app?


You can build a truly native app with Cocos Creator, yes. The conversion from JS to C++ is done by JSB (


Thank you @bruno1308. After reading down through as much of that link as I could… my eyes glazed over, my brain (such as it is) headed for shadows and consciousness slipped away.

What’s required (when using Cocos Creator and Javascript) to ensure a C++/Native compilation can be made for iOS?

Do I need to limit what I’m doing/using in terms of the API, or use JavaScript in a special way, or otherwise make considerations? Or can I simply use Cocos Creator and JavaScript as I please and it all “just works™”

Or Android…

But, truth be told, I don’t care about Android. :wink:


So it turns out that this “importing assets” problem only occurs when I open a project type in Cocos Creator other than an “Examples” project. Not sure why, especially when an Empty Project or Hello World would not need to import hardly any assets.


thanks in advance:grinning:


I actually have a problem with the new build. I’m following the “ Create Your First Game ” tutorial and I’m trying to find the Custom Component button,but I can’t. Is this normal or is it a bug. Please reply as soon as you can.