Cocos creator from web development

Cocos creator from web development

Hi everyone,

i am rails developer and i really like game development, it was a year with a first look cocos2d-JS but quickly i give up , now i start again with cocos create, i find it great tools for creation game in all platforms, i’m afraid to give up again, because i found just two good tutorial, now i need your advice to be a expert in cocos creator, and make first my game in iOS and android ,please give me the resources ,astuces, tricks, links ,whatever and thanks in advanced

I think Cocos Creator will be perfect tool. But now, no. It is not stable. Perhaps you should wait for stable versions.

If you wanna use physics and collisions in your game, Cocos Creator is not allowed it with visual editor.

Wait and be patient next Cocos Creator versions.

Stability of Cocos Creator is not a problem: I use it everyday since beta version 0.7 (~6 weeks) and it never crashed…

Missing feature is an other problem: just check the roadmap and you’ll know if the feature you need will soon be available or not.

Just go on the appropriate section of the forums ( ) and you’ll find plenty of resources, including a dedicated thread ( Cocos Creator Resources )