Cocos compile show build succeded but no so file


I am creating a new c++ project using cocos2dx version 3.15.1. for creating the so file i used the command
cocos compile -p android --android-studio --no-apk //here cocos is of cocos2d-x-3.15.1

the output of the command is
Python 2.7.10
Building mode: debug
Using Android Studio project : /Users/rohitsingh/workspace/Lakdi/
Build succeed.

but no so is generated.
it is not running the following commands
1 android update project command
2 android-ndk-r10e/ndk-build -C
how can i compile it.

and i also want to now how cocos compile pass the file to ndk-build. or how cocos compile works.

if i am changing cocos-project.json file engine_version as

“custom_step_script”: “./”,
“engine_version”: “cocos2d-x-3.11”,
“project_type”: “cpp”

it is compiling.


It should create so file if no error is there
check inside the folder