Cocos code IDE does not print cclog information in console


Recently, cocos code IDE( is available for debugging lua binding project of cocos2d-x which is very convenient.
But, when running game or debugging game in window platform, my log information of cclog function does not appear in console. When i end running game or debugging game, all the log information of cclog function appear in console, this is not convenient for debugging, so how can i fix this?

any suggestion?


It has releaseed 1.0.0.beta ,may be fixed your problom ,


I have the last version and nothing appears in the console, only “upload file…”


try “debug” mode.


@Guepard,which Cocos IDE version did you used?


Last, and print runs sometimes and sometimes no.


We will fix this bug in next version which maybe release two weeks later.




i have the same problem. I am using the newest version of Cocos IDE and puting something like this: cc.log(“this is a log”); in code prints nothing to the console. Please can anyone help me?


I had similar problem. Please refer to this thread

There is no output if you use framework mode , so please switch to the engine mode.


Unfortunately that is not the problem. Both js and lua are set to engine mode (what is the difference between engine mode and framework anyway?). I have even build custom simulator but it doesnt help. I forgot to mention - I am using mac with yosemite os. Console out put does not work either in JavaScript and Lua projects. The only log i get from console is this:

Console: listening on : 6050
Console: listening on : 6060

LOAD Js FILE: main.js

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile

Please help ;(


over ride cc.log to any function like below in your main.js

cc.log = function(){
	console.log.apply(console, arguments);

but while releasing your game make sure to comment these lines;