Cocos-BCX is part of Cocos2d-x/Creator company?

Cocos-BCX is part of Cocos2d-x/Creator company?

Is Cocos-BCX ( related to Cocos2d-x platform? Anyone here can share some info? is a platform to deploy games developed with Cocos Creator?

I am very interested in the subject as I do have a Block Producer Candidate in EOS chains and I am also a Cocos Creator developer. I was planning to deploy some games soon on EOS. Andy feedback would be very much appreciated.


What is Cocos-BCX and why it’s needed?

In short:
The technology of blockchains allows developers & players the ability to validate scarcity of virtual items within the games they are playing, prove ownership of digital items, transfer game assets across games, and create on-chain trustable randomness.

Thank you! Do you know if EOS is the graphene platform? There is nothing in that post that answers my questions… is there going to be a new IDE? cocos creator plugins? Is there going to be forums to discuss about the platform? if it is based on EOS, how can I apply as BP?

This doesn’t explain me what is this.

How I should use it in my game? It’s just looks for now something that I don’t understand and I have basically all what I need for game development I’m doing, and so this looks strange for me, what it is, why and how etc.

So, you just don’t need it by now :wink:

It’s not ready for use in games yet. Soon though. Read the whitepaper too.l, it’s pretty awesome.

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EOS and new tools but also built into Creator and cocos2d-x :slight_smile:

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Right choice :smiley: