Cococs2d-x and marmalade transition

Cococs2d-x and marmalade transition
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Hello all,
just one quick question: I’m going to develop a game using cocos2d-x, but the publisher requires Marmalade support. Does this mean that I can code using cocos2d-x and then at the final stage use platform-marmalade to compile it on Android and different devices or I need to develop keeping Marmalade in mind? Thanks.


You should be able to just develop with cocos2d-x under windows and when ready to deploy to a device then build with Marmalade. You will have to create a project file (.mkb) and an app.icf file that defines various things such as memory use when you are ready to build with Marmalade.

I usually setup the window environement under cocos2d-x for a game and also the Marmalade version so that I can check performance on the device and use the marmalade simulator to check for memory usage.




Hello Francis Styck I Have Created Game With Cocos2dx and want to compile it using marmalade would you plz Give Me Brif Info On How to Do This How To setup everything i’m using visual studio 2008 plz help…



I’m using Marmalade 6.0.5 with cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.13.0-beta. This version of cocos2d-x is ready for working with Marmalade, just use the .mkb file which is in the platforms directory.



Hi Amit,

I you have cocos2d-1.0.1-x-013.0-beta and Marmalade 6.0.x installed then you should be able to just double click on the mkb files.

For example, if you double click on 2d-x\HelloWorld\marmalade\HelloWorld.mkb then this will load into Visual Studio the HelloWorld project to be compiled with Marmalade. I assume it does the same thing with Xcode if you are on a Mac.

To run all the cocos2d-x test then double click on 2d-x\tests\test.marmalade\test.mkb to load and build the project with Marmalade.




I just started using Cocos with Marmalade. I’m coming from Marmalade development and I’d like to use cocos, but I cannot find any tip. The links in these posts are old and deprecated.
Suggestions to start with a classical HelloWorld example?

Edit: Found HelloWorld (and other) in the folder: cocos2d-2.1beta3-x-2.1.1\samples\Cpp


Hi Zapp Zapp,

What I recommend is just downloading the last cocos2d-x version and look at the examples.
It should be a directory with a Marmalade example. Use it as the base for your Marmalade cocos2d-x apps/games.