Coco2d-X with XCode 4: automatic building doesn't work...

Coco2d-X with XCode 4: automatic building doesn't work...
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Hi there,

I am currently developing my Coco2d-x game using XCode 4. For some reason I ignore, my project builds automatically when I do some modifications in some of my .h/.cpp files but doesn’t work with some other files… I don’t know why !

It is not very handy as I need do rebuild each time I do a modification to see if my code is correct… A lot of time lost !

Could it be due to the fact that the problem seems to occurs with the files with a “A”, but not with a “B” (see the picture attached) ? What do these letters mean ? How to change from “A” to “B” or from “B” to “A” ?

Thanks for your help.

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“M” means modified, “A” means added, only for xcode integrated SCM (git or svn). It’s nothing to do about compilation.
Honestly I seems haven’t met the problem before. I just tried xcode4, modified my files, no “M” or “A” appeared (the project is out of SCM controlled), but building looks smart and quick.


I removed the source control by doing the following:

Window => Organizer => Repositories => click on the folder on my project in the left panel => click on the“-” sign (minus) at the bottom

An the automatic build works again !

I had to repeat this operation each time I re-open Xcode… So I created another project without source control and transfered all my classes and ressources in this new project. Everything works well now even when I restart Xcode.

Thanks for your help.