Cobagames announces a new game title in development: ‘Masato’ for iOS, Android and windows

Cobagames announces a new game title in development: ‘Masato’ for iOS, Android and windows
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Australian indie game developers Saket Sinha, David Ly and Eldridge Que are proud to officially announce a new game title in development ‘Masato’ to be released for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.

The game is centred around a ninja named “Masato” who seeks justice after his small unassuming fishing village was utterly destroyed by a mysterious rogue ninja whose motives are still yet to be revealed. Follow Masato as the story unfolds and help him take down this evil villain through a series of challenging action and puzzle stages.
***Game features:***

Game play:
‘Masato’ is a compelling story driven game with an interactive touch/swipe play style allowing you to deflect and throw shurikens at enemies and game objects along the way. The game is also riddled with tricky puzzles and brain teasers that will test even the brainiest gamers out there.

Game modes:
Players will be able to challenge themselves with a number of difficulty level settings including easy, hard and insane. Other exciting unlockable game modes are in the works and sneak peeks will be revealed closer to release.

Magic infused shurikens are Masato’s weapon of choice, but for those with a n unquenchable thirst for destruction bonus unlockable hi-tech weapons will be available that will definitely flip the game on its head.

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“Return good for good; return evil with justice.”
– Confucious.
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Cobagames would also like to donate part of their earnings from the game ‘Masato’ to the cocos2d-x gaming framework and community for all their help and support.


Dear Saket:
That’s really kind of you.
Thank you for your kindness, we prefer some T-shirts with your game’s logo and cocos2d-x logo ~~ :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


T-shirts, coffee cup, caps coming pretty soon your way. How can we reach you? Any address we can send this to?