CLD1, a game made with cocos2d-html5 for charity game jam

CLD1, a game made with cocos2d-html5 for charity game jam
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Hey guys, just a quick update to let you know that my team made a game named “CLD1” which backed by cocos2d-html5. It’s for charity game jam ( that required you to make a game within 48 hours.
Anyway we use almost about 144 hours with not that much to rush into the process, we really want it to look good :slight_smile:

The rule is not strict, and no deadline as long as the game is made it serves its purpose.
The theme is creating a game in NES style with relative small resolution.

Check the game at and fine CLD1 in the catridge or play it directly at our website
Also the game has 2 chip-tune in-game music made by my friend (Narupai Asksonmee, see and we’re agreed to allow you to download both of them freely, anyway if you use else where credit as appropriate.

Thank the cocos2d-html5 and cocos2d-x team. I used both of them from the day 1 of development of the framework.


PS. Please note that the game is aimed to be desktop web game, we don’t aim to make it for mobile.

cld1-album.png (197.4 KB)



I tried the game, but it doesn’t work when I click “play” item.

Could you please check the game?


I started it successfully. It is controlled by keyboard.

But I can’t find out how to control it.

Please paste the tutorial here, :slight_smile:


Thanks Shun Lin,
I aimed this game for desktop-based, mouse will be used only in the game-play stage, others screen use Up/Down and ‘x’ or ‘Enter’ or ‘Space’.

This is a zombie-style survival game. You need to be alive as long as possible. The zombie will spawned from the left side wave by wave.
You will use mouse and keyboard (only ‘x’ key).

Use mouse to aim and click to shoot.
Use ‘x’ to change the weapon.
The key to success is the timing in switching a right weapon in a right time, and also shooting as well (because both weapon has a limitation: one has overheat, another has more power but can shoot periodically not instant).

By the way Shun Lin, is it possible to make this project in Showcase or Wiki page. I did make the project’s source code open source (you can found it here at
I believe it might be a good tool for educational purpose. I do take MoonWarrior as an example in the past. Please let me know if it’s possible.