Chunky procedural pixel graphics

Chunky procedural pixel graphics
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I want to create an effect similar to that found in the game Ellis Infinity by Steph Thirion for my sprites.

It’s a chunky, computer drawn effect. I have started using cocos2d-x 3.0 recently and experimenting with the DrawPrimitives functions inside the draw method of a sprite, however I am not sure how to generate that specific look. I want to also be able to manipulate the shape of the sprite.

I assume the solution might be to:

  • Programmatically draw the sprites using the DrawPrimitives functions.
  • Increase the pixel size of the drawing functions somehow?

If anyone has any ideas regarding what I should investigate to achieve this effect, it would be greatly appreciated.


You can render your primitives on a RenderTexture which size is let’s say 1/4 of the screen size (if you want your pixels to appear 4 times bigger than actual screen pixels), add a sprite that uses that texture to your scene and scale up that sprite by 4 to fit the screen.
I did that in cocos2d-x prior to 3.0.

I don’t think it currently works in cocos2d-x 3.0 as RenderTexture is either broken or has a very different behavior. I got it working as before with Sprites, however I’m still having problems drawing primitives on a RenderTexture (with cocos2d-x 3.0).