Choosing sprite for display with animation

Choosing sprite for display with animation
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Hi guys.
I’m trying to achieve the following:

  1. image1 to be displayed until something happens. Eg bounding boxes intersects.
  2. Once bounding boxes intersects’ add image2, image3, image 4, image5 to animate and loop endlessly until it is off the screen by using runAction().
  3. Reuse the same sprite with image1 in another location on screen and wait for something to happen.

What I have done so far is I create a sprite which waits till bounding boxes intersects and the animates till off screen. I am having trouble with reusing the same sprite which displays image1 in another location because when I do a setPosition(), it only displays image2.

The only alternative I have found is to removeChild(sprite) and then add a sprite with image1 again.

Is there anyway to accomplish what I wanna do without having to removeChild and re adding?