Choosing a game engine/framework


I’ve been developing Android apps in Java, and but I’m interested in getting into games, and I’d like to develop cross platform for iPhone and Android. I’ve used the Android game framework LibGDX so I’m not terrified of using a framework instead of a complete engine, although I’m willing to pay to
minimize my time investment if something is affordable.

Shiva doesn’t look ideal for 2d games, and Unity looks too expensive. So I’m leaning towards Cocos2d-x. A few questions:

Is there a good IDE for developing in Cocos2d-x cross platform? Can you just develop win32 and link the code into iPhone or Android projects so you can keep a common code base?

Are there any open source examples of asimple game written in C++?



Shiva and Unity are 3D game engines and don’t natively support 2D. I made a 2.5D game using ortho cams but that’s not a very good solution as it cost like a 3D game, even if Unity have plugin to help managing and optimization with sprites in a single Draw call…

If you want to develop for iPhone/iPad, I think you don’t have any other choice than develop on a Mac OS. I’m just starting to learn cocos2d-x because I want to make a 2D game for iPhone/Android and I let Shiva and Unity away after comparission :stuck_out_tongue:
I use X-code that is the easier way for me to develop but I know that Eclipse is used too.


Cocos2d-x is a framework, it works with the platform-recommended IDE such as VistualStudio, Xcode, Eclipse, depends on which platform you’re developing for.


So does anyone develop for both iPhone and Android? Can you set up a directory with common code that is used in both Xcode and Eclipse for both versions of your game, so you don’t have to worry about copying that code back and forth to keep the two versions consistent?



Please, refer to How to create an iPhone and Android Cocos2d-x hybrid project




How about debugging; on Xcode it seems pretty straightforward, both the cocos source and your game source are easy to break into and step through but on Android (with HelloWorld) I can’t tell how one debugs the game code via something like Eclipse. Thanks!


May be you should refer FAQ:


Thanks for the quick response! However the FAQ recommends using MOTODEV which currently doesn’t support anything past Android 3.01. Should I be adapting the instructions for Eclipse with ADT?




AFAIK MOTODEV supports any version of Android provided you’ve installed appropriate Android SDK tools (MOTODEV is Eclipse + ADT + some extra plugins).

Anyhow you can use plain Eclipse version + ADT with almost no modification in the instructions provided in the article.