Chinese markets?

Chinese markets?
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Hi all, so I was just looking at the endorsement for Chukong Technologies at the end of this video:

And according to it you have more chances to reach a wider audience in china by publishing to many smaller local appstores rather than just the iOS appstore and android market/google play?

I know a few chinese translators and might release a game in chinese (as well as other languages) in the future, does anyone have any tips for publishing in said markets?


Hi Sebastian
I did a research, but I have not made game yet for china market so when you done pls let me know and this is all i have about it

**———————How Publishing———————

——————————Market in china—————-
———————~~top ten App store—————
————————~~Translation app in china and publish in 19 App store—-

————————Mobile Advertising—————



Well, that’s quite the list!


I’m still months away for release but I’ll be sure to let you know whenever I get some numbers!


To be honest, I’m envious of only google play & appstore.
Publishing to 100+ android marketplaces requires developers to build 100+ .apk packages and integrate 10+ marketplace SDKs, that’s totally a nightmare to Chinese developers and who want to come in this market.


I’m just trying to keep my options open :slight_smile:

Plus I was wondering if there was a service that let you publish to many of those marketplaces at once without having to build all the different builds, but I guess I was being too optimistic ’^^