Chartboost and TapForTap

Chartboost and TapForTap
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Hi everyone,

I got stuck today trying to add Chartboost and TapForTap into my cocos2d-x android game, so I have two questions ^^

  1. Has anyone added TapForTap to their cocos2d-x Android game? I keep getting an error message saying:
    “com.tapfortap.AdView - Unable to display ads, not enough space.”

Im pretty sure it has something to do with how you write the layout xml file, but I’m very new to Android development.

  1. I managed to get Chartboost working, but I can’t figure out how to connect from Cocos2dxActivity to a c++ class. For instance I need to know when an ad is closed so I can continue the game, but the callback goes to Cocos2dxActivity and from there I don’t know how to call a method in CCApplication.