Change CCRenderTexture Size at runtime

Change CCRenderTexture Size at runtime
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Is there a way I could change the size of a CCRenderTexture at runtime?

Thank you


You can only recreate it with a new size.


oh that’s an overkill.

anyways thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


May I ask why do you need to resize the CCRenderTexture?


well I’m drawing a sprite onto a RenderTexture to apply multiple shaders on it but that sprite grows and shrinks at runtime so I thought if could scale the RenderTexture to have it the same size as the sprite I would save some memory. I solved it by creating a RenderTexture that has the size of the sprite when it grows to the max and I create it only once.


That’s a wise solution (if you have enough memory), since continuous allocations of texture memory will kill the performance.