CCUserDefaults broken on iPad3

CCUserDefaults broken on iPad3
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CCUserDefaults works on iPad2 but not iPad3. Is this a known issue?

CCUserDefault not saving value between sessions

I temporarily using NSUserDefaults instead of CCUserDefaults to avoid this issue.


Hey, can someone else confirm this? A bit of a concern to me, I just submitted my game to Apple and I use CCUserDefaults, I don’t own an iPad 3 to test this on. This works fine on the latest simulator and 5.1 iOS.

Zhi - what version of Cocos2d-x are you using? What iOS version is the iPad 3? Can you confirm the code below (a really simple value save) doesn’t work?

    CCUserDefault * saveFile = CCUserDefault::sharedUserDefault();
    int iVolume = 50;
    saveFile->setIntegerForKey("sound_volume", iVolume);
    iVolume = saveFile->getIntegerForKey("sound_volume", 80);

Does the iVolume at least end up with the default value 80?

I’d rather not have to buy another $500 iPad (I’ve spent enough time and money on Apple hardware already haha).


I don’t know the meaning of “broken”.
I can run CCUserDefaultTest in my new ipad.


I don’t know, it just doesn’t save. Restart the app, everything gone. Works perfectly well on ipad2 though. Now I’ve changed to NSUserDefaults. Strange.


try to call flush after writing.



After writing any new data.


i am facing the same problem

@ Utility::setUnlockedLevel(8);

and in utility

`void Utility::setUnlockedLevel(int level) {
CCUserDefault *defaults = CCUserDefault::sharedUserDefault();
defaults->setIntegerForKey(kUnlockedLevelKey, level);

int Utility::getUnlockedLevel(){
return CCUserDefault::sharedUserDefault()->getIntegerForKey(kUnlockedLevelKey);

but it is returning garbage value on android whereas correct value in iphone……. Can somebody tell me the problem