CCTouch tapCount

CCTouch tapCount
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I don’t know if this is supported on any device other than iPhone, but the UITouch on iPhone has a tapCount variable that I use often. I’ve made the change locally to support it, but I didn’t know if it is important enough to add to the main code. I’ve attached my two modifications if you are interested. I only did this for iPhone, since I am not familiar with android or uPhone. :frowning: (1.2 KB) (4.8 KB)


Also noticed I left m_nTapCount out of the initializer list in the constructor. Oops. :slight_smile:


Thank you for you work.

I will try to add it on every platform.
I have created an issue: [[]]


Hello there, sorry for bumping.

Issue 330 doesn’t exist anymore….

I have just downloaded the latest cocos2d-x and tapCount is still missing.

I have added it for myself but would feel less dirty if it was in the official release :smiley:


Still not support yet? Why don’t support touch count?