CCTexutreAltas issus

CCTexutreAltas issus
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I have suggestion to cocos2d-x team,
Could you add a interface which flush the all quads data to VBO in one time in CCTextureAltas?

I try to merge the animation tools which based module-frame like spriteX into cocos2d-x now.
I merge the all frame info into one TextureAltas for faster render.
Because these infos is static . so I try to flush these data to VBO when initialize. but CCTextureAltas does’t
support the operation. I have to dived frame in different TextureAltas

BTW, With the more popular of cocos2d-x, more tools and libs may be attached to cocos2d-x by users.
if some base class such as TextureAltas support more open interface and expand these base classes to Independent system, it seems to be better.