CCTextFieldTTF copy/paste/cut/select

CCTextFieldTTF copy/paste/cut/select
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I was taking a look to CCTextFieldTTF and i noticed that is not posible to copy/paste/cut/select the text inside. Nobody needs this feature?



Yeah. CCTextFieldTTF looks cool on visual effects. But we finally found it’s hard to add full features.
Please take a look in extensions/CCEditBox, that’s more “native” and can fit your requirement.


Thank you for the answer. Actually, I expected it. Currently I’m working on it and i don’t find the way to use it without creating a CCScale9Sprite. Where could i find an example?


Forget that question, I don’t need it, sorry ;). Now, I’m trying to find the way to hide the softkeyboard when i press somewhere out the cceditbox. Thank you!