CCTableView extension bug with not updating one cell

CCTableView extension bug with not updating one cell
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Hi, I’m working with cocos2d-x 2.2.2 on Windows making game for Android. I created a table with CCTableView and there are few CCLabelTTFs and a Sprite from CCSpriteFrameCache and CCScale9Sprite in cell, that are updated for every cell.

I need it to be under the header in a scene so I just created it like this:

	float moveItDown = header->getContentSize().height;
	CCTableView* tableView = CCTableView::create(this, CCSizeMake(s.width, s.height-moveItDown));

Cells are about half of the screen size high.
Everything works correctly except, when table is loaded for the first time, first cell and second cell have correct font size and color settings and sprite is the correct one, but third cell had not correct sprite or font color and size, but the strings for CCLabelTTFs are updated. And when cell is moved out of sight and you go back to it it’s magically updated - correct CCLabelTTFs settings and correct sprite are displayed. Is it a bug, can somebody have a workaround for this? All cells are displayed correctly, but not third one.