CCTableView and CCScrollView problem

CCTableView and CCScrollView problem
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I am new to the cocos2dx c++ framework.When I am using the CCScrollView it is working fine the screen short of this CCScrollview is like this…

iOS Simulator Screen shot May 30, 2012 2.16.32 PM.png (841.9 KB)


continue to the above message,
When i am using the CCTableview it is working but the scrollview is also adding the tableview the output i am getting is like this…


Why we use scrollview to the tableview?

tableview and scrollview classes are…


Hello, I’m new to cocos2d-x c++ , too.
I realize that you have added a CCTableView successfully, and I encountered some problems.
Could you give me some example codes that how to add a CCTableView? Thanks.