CCSpriteScale9 2.0

CCSpriteScale9 2.0
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I found a version of CCSpriteScale9 ported to c++, but it is using opengl es 1.1.

Really need it for my current project and I’m running cocos2d-x 2.0, so need to convert it to opengl 2.0. Will give it a try but I have basically NULL opengl 2.0 skills (not that much 1.1 skills either tbh). Anyone have any pointers on where to start? Thank you

CCSpriteScale9.h: (3.1 KB)


Oops, as I recognized, we “hide” this feature too deeply in 2.0.
Here it is, cocos2dx/extensions/CCControlExtension/CCScale9Sprite.*
And you can find the sample code in tests/ExtensionsTest/ControlExtensionTest/


Ah, you sir just saved me a bunch of time =) Thank you