CCSprite Wave-like effect when changing positions

CCSprite Wave-like effect when changing positions
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I’m just beginning development and started with the basics (moving a sprite) and noticed something odd:

When I change the background position (via CCMoveTo) there’s an odd wave-like, shaky effect. It’s honestly very distracting and I was hoping I could get some solutions/feedback.

I’m using a TMX map. I created a reference to the TMX layer ‘background’ and the sprite ‘player’. When the player is in the middle of the screen the bg moves, otherwise the player moves. If I moved the position of the map I would also be moving the position of the player which… isn’t very good (I would have to do some offset stuff for the player).

Now, I don’t know if it’s because of the delay (1) or the size of the map (~2000x1200) (which is small for the game) because when I remove the delay it (0) it /appears/ to be ok (whether the step size is the same or smaller).

Any suggestions?

FYI, I’m using the newest version of Cocos2dx (Dec. 5th 2012)



It’s still occurring