CCShaky3D doesn't work with scaled parent child.

CCShaky3D doesn't work with scaled parent child.
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There is a bug in the last build of cocos2d (2.0.1).
Le’t assume there are two sprites P and C. P is scaled and C is its child. For example
The child is scaled relative to its parent, i.e., C is 1/2 of its original size. Now if we run CCShaky3D on the child sprite then it returns to its original size.

You may reproduce the bug with HelloWorld project adding the next lines to HelloWorld::init
pLabel->runAction(CCShaky3D::actionWithRange(1, true, ccg(1,1), 10));


Thank you for your feed back.
We will check it out.


#1374 is created.


Sorry for late reply.
After detail research, i don’t think it is a bug.
cocos2d-x uses matrix to compute sprite’s coordinate before drawing.
Sprite’s size is not changed.