CCSequence::actions(...) type mismatch

CCSequence::actions(...) type mismatch
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CCFiniteTimeAction* CCSequence::actions(a,b,…);
CCFiniteTimeAction* CCSpawn::actions(a,b,…);

These are the definition written in cocos2dx CCActionInterval.cpp codes.
These two functions cause type mismatch when they are passed into the CCEase as an argument, because CCEase receives only CCActionInterval.

Therefore I would like to suggest that return value has to be changed from CCFiniteTimeAction* to CCSequence and CCSpawn respectively.

Please consider this one for the next update.



Ok, I will try to modify it and run the tests to see if it can do it like this.
#575 is created for it.

Thank you for your suggestion.


I am sorry, can not change the return value.
You can refer the implementation of CCSequence::actions() and CCSpawn::actions().
They return the type of the parameter.