CCScrollView with scroll bar on the right side

CCScrollView with scroll bar on the right side
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Hi, guys.Is there a good way to implement the CCScrollView with indicator scrolling bar, just like indicator scrolling bar in UIScrollView, when we touch the scroll items, the indicator shows, and when we scroll the items to the top and bottom, the scrolling bar has a elasticity. Maybe I don’t get the point. I made a illustration, with the linked pic below. Looking forward to your answers.:slight_smile:

scrollbar.png (39.9 KB)

scrollbar.png (39.9 KB)


Any one got solution for it?


I mentioned it a while back, perhaps not so directly, it’s a common question. You could graft on your own slider bar, which is the solution I accepted or proposed a coupla months ago.


Is there any news on this ? im looking for some minimal solution fo ListView with scroll bar


Cocos2d-x should have new scroll view , the current one is not that smooth and no bar .


we can port this solution i guess


Hello, do you have any solution already?