CCScheduler problem in lua

CCScheduler problem in lua
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Hello Guys:

i got a CCScheduler problem.

First, tolua doesn’t export unscheduleScriptFunc function. So i add it in pkg file and re-make LuaCocos2d.cpp file. But unscheduleScriptFunc doesn’t work. In another word. I can’t unschedule my script function.

cocos2d.CCScheduler:sharedScheduler():scheduleScriptFunc(“nextFrame”, 1.0/5.0, false);

I debug the code. It seems m_pHashForScriptFunctions member is always NULL. Is it correct? It is hard for me to understand how does HASH_FIND_INT work. It is marco. I can’t debug into it.

How to make unscheduleScriptFunc work? Please help me, I am stuck here in a long time.
Thanks for any help.



It is resolved. You can get the edge version from git, or you should wait sometime, we will release the next stable version in few days.