CCScale9Sprite & CCControlButton boxed out

CCScale9Sprite & CCControlButton boxed out
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I am completely lost as to using CCScale9Sprite & CCControlButton.
As you can see in the screenshot
The image on the left is the original and right is the outcome. Why is the image on the right boxed out ???
I tried editing the image, in TP set it to Basic, Trim set to None… I still get the same results. Even if I make the whole image solid with no transparency, its still the same sort of weird stretching.

Here the code where I try to create a button.

CCScale9Sprite downButtonSprite = CCScale9Sprite::createWithSpriteFrameName;
DowncontrolButton = CCControlButton::create(downButtonSprite);
DowncontrolButton~~>setPreferredSize );
DowncontrolButton~~>setPosition( ccp(winSize.width - 70 , 150) );

Im using cocos2d-x-2.1.5. What is really the problem. Scale9 is driving me nuts! I think we need a proper tutorial on Scale9.
Thanks in advance.


anyone help on this issue ? left side is original and right side is the weird picture.


To use CCScale9Sprite, you need a 3-by-3 square image.


Check the wiki:

And if your button is less than than the border width, you get some weird effects as the sub-images overlap.


You can also call setAdjustBackgroundImage(false) on your CCControlButton to tell it to not treat your image like a scale9 sprite.