CCRenderTexture working very slow in android

CCRenderTexture working very slow in android
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I am developing a paint kind of application. Where i draw points wherever the user touches. I tried first with ccDrawPoints. But its not enough since i have to set color for the points based on the color selected, so i tried the same by using ccDrawPoint, which draws a single point. I was drawing all the points in a loop in draw(). but by this method the fps is going down. so i changed it and used CCRenderTexture. i render the points one by one into CCRenderTexture object. now it is working perfectly fine in ios, (except for the fact tht openGL blending’s are not working properly). but in android devices its taking too much time just to render a single point.

Can anyone help me solve this problem. Or is there any other way to do painting.
Thanks in advance.