CCRenderTexture to CCSprite

CCRenderTexture to CCSprite
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I have an CCRenderTexture and I want to get an CCSprite from it.
Ideally I want the following cocos2d code equivalent in cocos2d-x.
[CCSprite spriteWithTexture:rt.sprite.texture]; where rt is the CCRenderTexture…

I have gone through CCRenderTexture class and I seen only two options one is write to file and the other is CCData.
is there any method that takes CCData and returns CCSprite or that Initialize the CCSprite Texture with CCData ?? where CCData is returned by CCRenderTexture.

Is there any method for setting texture params to sprite texture as we do in cocos2d
[ccSprite.texture setTexParameters:&tp]; where tp is ccTextParams.

Thanks for all your help.

 [CCSprite spriteWithTexture:rt.sprite.texture] -> CCSprite::spriteWithTexture(rt->getSprite()->getTexture); 

 [ccSprite.texture setTexParameters:&tp]  -> ccSprite->getTexture()->getTexParameters(&tp);