CCRenderTexture initWidthandHeight

CCRenderTexture initWidthandHeight
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HI, i met a really strange problem.
there is always a dialog pop out, based on the content in it, i found it is coming from a ccassert in CCRenderTExture’s function initwithwidthandheight. the source code is like this:“CCAssert(glCheckFramebufferStatus(GL_FRAMEBUFFER) == GL_FRAMEBUFFER_COMPLETE,”Could not attach texture to framebuffer“);”, i don’t understand it. and my game is perfectly running on my iphone. but on android,especially the low memory machine, it always pop out, is there anyone who met this problem before? thanks for telling me something about it !


Could you post your code that leads to this error? How big (dimensions and size) textures do you use? Maybe this low-mem devices can’t handle the game?


sorry,in fact i don’t known which part of codes lead to this problem, and it is true, i load so many resources in Select Level Screen in init() function, maybe i should load part of the resources in onEnterTransitionDidFinish(). and thanks for reply.


Hello, GuanHai Lin, do you find a solution for your problem?