CCRenderTexture blank screen

CCRenderTexture blank screen
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I’m a bit stuck with a CCRenderTexture on Android devices. Really need your help guys!

Using cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.12.0 or cocos2d-1.0.1-x-0.13.0-beta. Scene has some CCRenderTexture, after app goes to background and wake up - nothing on the screen, no output in logcat and no reaction. Same with running of both versions: build, launch on device, go to RenderTextureTest, in the first test draw some line, press home button of device, launch again - here is blank screen again.

Could you guys run this test with default settings? maybe it is my gt-p1000 freaking me out?


hi Roman Iddqd, i am experiencing the similar problem using CCRenderTexture for android. when my app goes to sleep and come back to life, the rendered texture gets some wierd transition, and the ccrendertexture object is not working after that, i have to load the scene again to use it. have u found any solution for this problem. if so please share it with me. Thanks



unfortunately I did not. I just track app is going to background and reload whole scene when it is coming back. Maybe later I will try one more time, but now for Android devices I keep it that way.


you could refer to this post: