CCParticleSystemQuad and retina

CCParticleSystemQuad and retina
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we are using CCParticleSystemQuad with ParticleDesigner anc cannot found out how to setup the system on retina displays. The system behavior is totally different than on SD system. For example we have to recompute gravity according resolution but it is not the one problem (similar thing is the particle size) and also there is some difference with angular acceleration.

Can you please help me?

Jiri Formanek
Mingle Games

  1. set cocos2d to retina: CCDirector::enableRetinaDisplay(true);
  2. set Particle Designer to retina, please ask 71square.


Actually I think that’s a Cocos2d issue:

And it seems it’s a bug yet to be solved. Can you guys confirm the issue?

Here are some screenshots of the same particle system with and without CCDirector::enableRetinaDisplay. It clearly behaves itself differently on retina mode. :frowning: