CCParticleSystem run slow sometimes

CCParticleSystem run slow sometimes
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I use a CCParticleSystemQuad in my game, but it’s very unstable.
Most times the particle runs very slow, but sometimes runs normal.
I don’t know what is happening, there’s any way to preload this particles or something.


Create a new project and put on of those there. See if it still slows down. If it does not, then there’s something else in your game that’s eating up the FPS.


I import a particle to a new project.
The particle sometimes run normal, sometimes run slow.
I don’t know what is happenning.
But the interesting thing is that I try to load other 3 particles.
All 3 work normal, only the first one cause a bug in the system, when the bug happens, all others particles are affected.
It’s a fire effect that I create using ParticleDesigner.
The solution that I found is to change the problematic particle for other that don’t have this bug.