CCParticleSystem crash my app on android

CCParticleSystem crash my app on android
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I’m creating a hybrid project IOS-Android project and the Particles works properly in IOS but in android crashes my app. This is my code:

stars = CCParticleSystemQuad::particleWithFile(“Stars2.plist”);


I guess it’s caused by the path of Stars2.plist
Please make sure CCParticleSystemQuad loaded Stars2.plist file successfully.


Star2.plist is in assets folder.


At the end my CCParticleSystem, doesn’t works because the particledesigner save the plist with  a tiff image as default particle


Same problem for me too.


I solved using png files as particleTextures, in android you can’t use tiff files. If you use particle designer you can save the embedded texture as png, but sometimes doesn’t works properly. You can edit de plist file, in the last line write the png name file.

I hope is usefully.

P.D. Sorry my english is not good.