CCNS.h build problem

CCNS.h build problem
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I just build latest version of cococ2d-x using VS 2010. Dll libcocos2d.dll created successfully, but there is no functions
CCRectFromString(const char* pszContent);
CCPointFromString(const char* pszContent);
CCSizeFromString(const char* pszContent);

from CCNS.h in libcocos2d.dll.

Depends.exe does not show functions with this names.

What is wrong?


I added CC_DLL in front of each function definition.
Problem solved.


Oh, so sorry, this defect is usually be found int the community, CC_DLL is forgotten here and thereā€¦


Bug #605 created. And I fixed it just now :slight_smile:
Thanks for your bug report!