CCNotificationCenter::sharedNotificationCenter()->postNotification not working

CCNotificationCenter::sharedNotificationCenter()->postNotification not working
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Hi Here is my code using cocos2d-X

void notify(){
    CCLog("THE jni call is successfull 2");

extern "C" {
    void Java_com_nbs_test_JNITest_printSomething(JNIEnv *, jclass){
        CCLog("THE jni call is successfull");

The jni call is working fine, printing the message. In the constructor of my scene i use the following code

PingoScreen::PingoScreen() {

    if (!CCLayer::init()) {

                            callfuncO_selector( PingoScreen::printSomethingInCpp),

My listner function is quite simple

void PingoScreen::printSomethingInCpp(){
    CCLog("Its goton hererew---------------------------->");

This is never getting called. What am i doing wrong ?

Kind Regards


MY_SCREEN_RES is a string “hello” ?



#define MY_SCREEN_RES “hello”


printSomethingInCpp(){ <<— here is your problem method should look like

printSomethingInCpp(CCObject* pObject){


tried this still nothing. :frowning:


any other help anyone ?


You must be posting before creating the listener.


My Listener is created in the constructor. I am posting from a JNI function. Can i assume JNI function is created before the constrcutor ? If so what function should i move the creation to ?


I have tried anything. The JNI call into C seems to happen before any init constructor or anything is called ? What can i do so that a JNI call end up in my scene ?