CCNode release problem

CCNode release problem
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I have a class ,just name it SubNode, it inherits CCNODE, now i have a class MyClass, MyClass composites subnode, in MyClass deconstructor function, it will release the SubNode, like this: SubNode->release(); it get’s a compile error:‘release is a private member of CCObject’. then i recheck the CCNODE class, there is no release method in it. what can i do to release the SubNode? any help, please?


now i want to cast my subnode to CCOBject to use the release method, how to cast it?


SubNode subnode = SubNode::create();
CCObject* object = dynamic_cast<SubMode*>(subnode);

now i can release it, is it ok to cast it? is there any problem in it?


Maybe you forgot put “public” here?

class SubNode: public CCNode …


……what a stupid question i got!
thanks very much!