CCMutableDictionary; how to get different values


Hello, im having a bit of trouble understaning the CCMutableDictionary… i know how to get an CCMutableArray and a CCObject (that i can turn into a string) so far. What i simply could no achieve, was how to get another dictionary list from the root dictionary key.

Like this:

CCDictionary<std::string, CCObject*> dict = CCFileUtils::dictionaryWithContentsOfFile;
gameBgLayers = (CCMutableDictionarystd::string,CCObject**) dict~~>objectForKey;
gameBgLayers should be an dictionary list not a CCObject list. How can i get objectForKey and convert it to a CCMutableDictionary ?
I have tried like this :
CCMutableDictionary<std::string,CCMutableDictionary<std::string, CCObject*>> gameBgLayers = dict~~>objectForKey(“layers”);

And it did not worked. Any body have some good exemples on how to use cc mutable dictionary ?

On my game using iOS i used mutable dictionary to load my game level sprites. Now i have to convert it to c++. It really isnt that simple as doing it on objective-c!

If anybody could help out i be really happy. Im really stuck on this.



I think you can refer CCSpriteFrameCache::addSpriteFramesWithFile().