CCMoveBy is resizing the sprite!



When using CCMoveBy, the resultin position is wrong (1 pixel below), and the sprite is scaled!

Also, the weird thing is that getContentSizeInPixels and getContentSize report the correct size (40x40), and getScale reports 1.0, before and after the action finished!

But if I measure the image on screen, it´s 41x41.

I´m running the action like this:

sprite->runAction(CCMoveBy::actionWithDuration(0.25f, CCPointMake(40, 0)));

Tryied using setAntiAliasTexParameters, also n ot work.

Please, help, I´ve spent one week on this issue!




I´ve found the issue!

Was changing the Z value (using setVertexZ), but forgot to return to 0.0! DOH!