CCMenuItem with image and label

CCMenuItem with image and label
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dear friends,
Anybody know how to make menu item with label and image…
I have done both separate ways but don’t know how to get them together…

I have done menu with images like this :

cocos2d::CCMenuItemImage *playScene = cocos2d::CCMenuItemImage::itemWithNormalImage(“normal.png”,
menu_selector(SelectionMenuLayer::playScene) );

And then added all items to menu like this :

sceneSelectMenu = cocos2d::CCMenu::menuWithItems(playScene1,playScene2,playScene4,playScene3,playScene5,playScene6,NULL);

sceneSelectMenu->alignItemsInColumns(4,2,NULL); //(This is amazing…it handles positions of menu items automatically)

So all menu items are in grid now…
The positions of the menu items have auto handeled…

Now i want to include label text on each menu item…
I have tried the way of creating cclabelTTF and putting them at the menuitem positions.But i am getting unexpected positions of the child items of the menu.

Is anybody know how to get correct positions as seen on screen menu…

Thank you,


Just add a label and set it’s position to be the same as the desired menu item, eg:

CCLabelTTF* label = CCLabelTTF::create("Play Scene 1", "Arial", 20);


Hello guys,

Have any one try this scenario…? Have any idea about this…??
Like between any long label in scrollview we have to add one MenuItemLabel to open link.

Thanks in advance.