CCLOG won't work?

CCLOG won't work?
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I downloaded the “Last Release •0.7.1 (2010-12-20)”, then compiled the HelloWorld Demo and it runs fine.
Then I tried to add a log info like below:

void HelloWorld::menuCloseCallback
CCLOG (“test”);

But when I click the cross bottom to close the window, I cound not see any message output to the console.

Then I googled the Bug #194 but it seems to be solved already. I also tried OutputDebugString which worked just fine.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks _


I had the same problem, any suggestion?


You’ll have to add COCOS2D_DEBUG=1 to your list of preprocessor definitions to enable the macros for CCLOG and a bunch of others.
If you’d like CCLOGINFO to work as well, you can use COCOS2D_DEBUG=2 instead.