cclabelttf still no good

cclabelttf still no good
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Hi there!

I know there was a bug related to cclabelttf back than. I’m still having an issue with it, it’s just invisible for me most of the times, but I think it has something to do with the word wrap because for example: I have a floating text to show the score, if I kill a terrorist a “+10” string floats up and than disappears, if I write “(SPACE)(SPACE)(SPACE)+10(SPACE)(SPACE)(SPACE)” (the editor doesn’t let me write multiple spaces) then it’s visible, otherwise it’s not.

As I saw, the solution for this is to change this line in, however it’s already set to UI not NS, and xcode says it’s deprecated however.
[str drawInRect:CGRectMake(0, startH, dim.width, dim.height) withFont:font lineBreakMode:(UILineBreakMode)UILineBreakModeWordWrap alignment:align];