CCLabelTTF not showing text in iPad

CCLabelTTF not showing text in iPad
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So I made a CCLabelTTF object in one of my custom layers.

    myLabel = CCLabelTTF::create( "Something", CCSizeMake( 300, 96 ), kCCTextAlignmentCenter, "Arial Rounded MT Bold", 48.0f );

Works perfectly fine in the simulator and an iPhone device. But on the iPad, it doesn’t work. I’ve added the font in the resources folder and in the Info.plist file but it still doesn’t work.
So I tried to run the HelloWorld layer ( same project ). It has a CCLabelTTF with a “Thonburi” font. Worked fine on the iPad. But when I used “Thonburi” in my own layer, it didn’t work! How come?