CCLabelTTF for Airplay SDK

CCLabelTTF for Airplay SDK
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I was wondering what the current state of CCLabelTTF is for the Airplay port of Cocos2D-x ?
I am an experienced C++ programmer and could possibly put some time into helping get it working as it is annoying me currently.

Does anyone have any information on its state? why it doesn’t work ? what possible fix needs to be implemented ?

Any help would be appreciated before I stumble off into the darkness with it.




In order that would implement support CCLabelTTF in the “airplay” module you needs to implement CCImage:: initWithString () (CCImage_airplay.cpp).
It’s easy to do if you have the opportunity to use cross-platform library for rendering fonts. For example, android module uses Skia (
For “airplay” module I personally would like to use the freetype library (,
but I did not I failed to compile everything correctly.
In addition, there is still here is:: - but it is do not work correctly for me…
Also possible to use “cairo” ( but there LGPL license …