CCLabelTTF Chinese characters blurry


Hi guys, I ran into this issue where I’m trying to render some Chinese character using CCLabelTTF with “Arial” (I guess for chinese character it just falls back to whatever the default is, probably SimSun on win7") and fontSize=24. The font comes up blurry as if it’s caused by subpixel rendering or anti aliasing. This is just a plain CCLabelTTF I’m trying to draw on a blank scene.

A more concrete example is that I’m trying to create a button control where the text is rendered using CCLabelTTF. In this case the text is sized by its parent, the CCControlButton and hence a scaling took place. In this case, the text is extremely ugly on windows.
On iOS it looks OK but still far from ideal.

I feel like this is a common issue when dealing with localization. If anyone can shed some light I’d greatly appreciate your help.


My CCLabelTTF Chinese characters look fine on iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and OS X. I haven’t tried them on Windows I’m afraid, so perhaps this is something platform-specific?