CCLabelBMFont not showing up

CCLabelBMFont not showing up
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I used shoebox to make a bitmap font out of a sprite sheet. I put the .fnt and .png file it created in my resources, and made sure the label is in the top layer. This is my code:

distanceLabel = CCLabelBMFont::create("0", "fishfont.fnt", 40);
distanceLabel->setPosition(ccp(visibleSize.width / 2, 7 * visibleSize.height / 8));
this->addChild(distanceLabel, 2);

However, the label doesn’t show up at all. What could be the problem?


I think you can checkout these things

  1. BMFont is loaded correctly. The path is correctly? The resource is packed into package?
  2. Does it covered by other sprite?