CCLabelBMFont not displaying in Safari

CCLabelBMFont not displaying in Safari
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Hi there,

I have my app running find in Chrome & Firefox, but Safari just fails to show any instances of CCLabelBMFont as in it displays nothing. The font displays correctly in chrome and firefox though. Has anyone encountered this problem. I am using CocosBuilder Alpha and running the html5 code it generates for me.

I did an experiment where I added an instance of CCLabelBMFont to the sample dragon game just to make sure it was a learners mistake and the same behaviour occurs. I can see the text I added to the game in firefox and chrome, but not in safari.

And in regards to IE10, the app doesn’t even load there… not sure if it is meant to be supported or not.

Any ideas? Thanks…


Oh, this is the link where you can check out my project…


I had checked your project. You used v2.1.2-beta.

When WebGL is enable on Safari, it displays text properly, but when in canvas mode, it displays no text.
IE 10 loads properly as other browsers, but it can’t support WebGL.

CCLabelBMFont works properly in test case in both Canvas mode and WebGL mode in V2.1.2-beta and V2.1.3, so it is a litter strange.
I will create an issue to track this bug.

If possible, please update your engine to v2.1.3, and check it again.


Issue 2134 has been created for it.


It has been fixed just now.

Please refer to github PR921